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Decadent & Depraved

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“If I were in England and I had written a book about the Labour Party, the Labour Party would have read it, and I would have been challenged about a bunch of things. Here, I hear nothing from the NDP; I hear nothing from the Liberals; I hear nothing from the Conservatives. And it sounds kind of brazen, but that’s those people not doing their job. 

The Myth of the 'Militia Myth'

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  BULLETS BEGAN TO whistle by him as Captain John Jenkins neared his target. Drifting snow impeded his every step. Opening the front of his long woollen greatcoat had helped his movement but still it was a struggle. Jenkins’ men of the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles had kept pace with him, along with the detachment of Canadian militia under his command. The plan that morning of February 22, 1813 had his force crossing the frozen St. Lawrence River to cut off escape by the American forces at Ogdensburg, New York. However from the increasing muzzle flashes ahead, it was clear his...