Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 1
The Dorchester Review

Volume 2 Number 1

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The Dorchester Review Spring-Summer 2012


“The Falklands War: Two Views” 3   Hugh Bicheno & Julian Thompson

“Comprehensive Jargon” 10   Paul T. Mitchell

“The Real Strategic Revolution” 13   Joseph K. Woodard

“Bloody Sunday Revisited” 20   Kevin Myers



“The Natives Are Restless” [Review of Douglas Bland’s novel, Uprising] 23   Barbara Kay



“Israel at Peace” 31   Daniel Pipes [link to version on Daniel Pipes' website]



“Daughter of the Khmer Rouge” 34   Jan Owen

“The Trouble with Australia’s Universities” 36   James Allan



“So Long—Adieu” 39   Cecil Chabot



“Did Canada Support the Confederacy?” 40   Preston Jones

“Putting the Empire Back into Canada” 44   C.P. Champion

“The Dominion Elections of 1891 & 1911” 52   Ged Martin



“Remastering the Past” 58 Frédéric Boily



“Macdonald: A Hero for Our Times?” [Review of Richard Gwyn’s Macdonald volumes] 63   Phillip A. Buckner

Politics & Government

“A Corrupted Republic” 69   Jonathan Kay


Church & State

“Ending the One Thousand Year Schism” 72   Andrew P.W. Bennett


Sovereign & State

“The White Stetson Monarchy” [The Canadian Monarchy] 76   John von Heyking

[a review of Royal Tours, 1786-2010: Home to Canada. Arthur Bousfield and Garry Toffoli. Dundurn, 2010.]

“An Enlightenment Princess” 80   Marina Jimenez

[A review of Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman. Robert K. Massie. Random House, 2011.]

“The Lornes in Canada” 82    Patricia Phenix


INTERVIEW  86    H.W. Crocker III


Notes & Topics

“Sacrificing South Vietnam” 18  “Gettysburg Myth-Making” 41  “Earle Birney: Blind Bard” 51  “[Pierre Elliott] Trudeau’s Fantasy Land” 62  “Martin’s Norwegian History” 57  “Coyne vs. Cowling” 68  “Jefferson’s War” 93  “Dégéneration” 60  “Blissfully Unaware” [RIP Michael Bliss] 88  “J.R. Saul Revisited” 90   “B.L. [Brian Lee] Crowley: Prophet” 92  “Muslim Holocaust Denial” 33



Professor John Hellman on Vichy, Victor Suthren on the War Museum, Ann Sunahara on the Japanese Class System

Authors  96

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