New Book!

Durnovaria is pleased to publish its first title, C.P. Champion's RELENTLESS STRUGGLE: Saving the Army Reserve 1995-2019.

$29.95  paperback  

$49.95  hardcover 

$10.99  .pdf version

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“What an achievement in recording the 'Relentless Struggle' – a most appropriate title. I lived through this entire period and now better understand what we were facing!

“Can't put it down ... As I read through it, I find it almost scary. So many of us on the parade square were working so hard to be considered ‘viable.' Who knew how ugly it was in the background.”

“It’s a real page-turner … I stayed up until 4 AM reading it.

“… it definitely tells an important story which needs to be read by all the 'Old Boys' so that they don't make the same mistakes again.”

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  • Chris Champion on

    Yes we have made consignment arrangements with several independent bookstores across Canada, in Kingston, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Victoria. Happy to add Octopus to that list.

  • Lisa Greaves on

    Hi there, I have a customer who would like to buy this book through Octopus – do you offer a bookstore discount? Please let me know how I can go about order this from you. Thanks, Lisa

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